Best Amazon Scraper APIs To Check Out in 2024

The E-commerce Industry was valued at 25.93 trillion $ and is expected to rise at 18.4% CAGR from 2024 to 2030(source). With this exponential rise of the e-commerce industry, Amazon has become the industry leader with a current market capitalization of more than 1.93 trillion $. 

From this mammoth size, one can estimate the volume of products this particular company is handling per day and the huge load of data stored in their data centers including user data, product data, and many other things. However, getting this data from Amazon may not be an easy task for a lot of web scraping experts. 

This is where Amazon Scraper APIs come into play. They are highly scalable and allow users to extract data from Amazon without facing any blockage issues. 

In this article, we will list the 5 best-performing Amazon Scraper APIs that can be utilized for large-scale scraping to gather product information.

The Top 5 Amazon Scraper APIs in 2024

1. EcommerceAPI

EcommerceAPI tops our list of the best-performing Amazon Scraper APIs. Its highly scalable and robust API can be efficiently used for scraping Amazon Search, Product, and Reviews Pages.

It is the first dedicated provider in the industry to offer scraping services exclusively for e-commerce platforms, including Amazon, Walmart, Google Shopping, and more to come. It also supports the much-needed country-level targeting, allowing users to get accurate and precise results.

Here is the list of Amazon APIs offered by the EcommerceAPI:

  1. Amazon Search API — To get the list of products from the Amazon Search Engine.
  2. Amazon Product API — To get the product data in detail including its pricing, description, ratings and reviews, and much more.
  3. Amazon Reviews API — To get customer reviews for a particular product.
  4. Amazon Autocomplete API — To get the search suggestions for a given search query on Amazon.


  1. Comprehensive documentation and integration with every major language.
  2. It supports country-level targeting for all the marketplaces.
  3. Structured JSON output for each API is available and it also offers custom changes in the API on customer demand.
  4. Supports extra featured snippets on Amazon including sponsored brand videos, sponsored brand results, and brands related to that search.


Pricing starts from 30$ and offers 150k credits making it the most economical Amazon API in the market.

2. Scrapingdog

Scrapingdog is a web scraping company that also specializes in delivering Amazon Scraping Services to its customers. Their Amazon Scraper is based on a huge network of more than 40M+ residential and datacenter IPs with a higher success rate.

Scrapingdog’s Amazon Scraper API also supports country-level and postal-level targeting. Moreover, they already have a huge infrastructure to defy any anti-bot mechanism present on the website, as stated on their website, “You can focus on using the data, not collecting it”.

Scrapingdog parses data from Amazon Search and Product page and offers the following features:

  1. Country and postal level targeting.
  2. Structured JSON output.
  3. It also supports featured snippets such as sponsored brands and brands related to the search.


  1. Pricing starts from 40$ and offers 200k credits.

3. Oxylabs

Oxylabs is another big data provider in the market that provides access to valuable Amazon data, such as pricing, product information, or reviews, on a large scale. Their API can be used for various purposes including Price and Product Monitoring, competitor monitoring, etc.

Additionally, their scraper is regularly maintained and they have created a parser for different types of pages on Amazon so that their scraper doesn’t break on layout changes.

Not only Amazon, but Oxylabs covers all the major e-commerce platforms including eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Flipkart, and many more.


  1. Real-time data from any country.
  2. JSON output for each type of layout is available.
  3. Supports JS rendering.


Pricing starts from 49$ and offers 17.5k credits only.

4. BrightData

Every person in the data scraping industry may have heard of the name BrightData. They are the biggest web scraping and proxy provider company in the industry, which offers dedicated scrapers for every major website known for collecting data by developers worldwide, including Amazon.

You can use both their proxies or dedicated API to scrape Amazon. However, the dedicated is preferred more due to the in-built bot-defying system. 

The only disadvantage with their API is that they don’t provide structured JSON output making it harder to access the data and maintain the parser for each layout on the user end.


  1. Country and city-level targeting.
  2. JSON output.
  3. Amazon dataset is also available.


The pricing structure is not clearly defined however, it starts from 0.001 $ per record scraped.

5. Smartproxy

Smarproxy is another proxy provider that offers a dedicated section for scraping e-commerce platforms including Amazon. Their Amazon API is known for its speed and quality and can be used just with a simple POST request.

Smarproxy not only provides data in JSON format but also CSV files for non-developers to test their API.


  1. Country and city-level targeting.
  2. JSON output and CSV output.
  3. Featured sponsored results are available.


Pricing starts from 30$ and offers 15k credits.


Amazon is generally scraped at a huge scale by businesses as the e-commerce industry is always changing dynamically. The best solution is that can handle millions of requests without any blockage and can serve you with precise and accurate data.

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